Articles about Homosexuality

Homosexuality is sexual attraction to members of one’s own sex, also known as same-sex attraction.

We all want things we should not want. Each of us has to struggle with the decision either to indulge unhealthy desires or to obey God. However, not every struggle carries the same weight. Rachel Gilson's struggle was about relationships: oneness, love, sex, and romance… and faithfulness.

Critics of Christianity often claim that efforts toward sexual purity are futile… that fulfilling our sexual desires are paramount to our humanity. Can one be both same-sex attracted and a faithful follower of Jesus?

I don't know if you're asking for yourself, for a friend, or for some other reason... but it's an important question. This is going to be quite long. Hang in there. First, nobody goes to hell for what they WANT.

Anonymous GodWords Reader asked: "Is it a sin for me to be attracted to the same sex even though I never act upon it?" Thanks for asking, anonymous GodWords reader! I'm going to give a short answer, and then a pretty long answer.

I've never considered Newsweek Magazine to be an authority on theology, primarily because they're not. Dedicating a section of your magazine to religion doesn't mean you know what you're talking about... especially when you're well-known for being absurdly biased.

Should gay couples appear in your church's pictorial directory? Church leaders are often faced with difficult decisions. In fact, they often have to make critical decisions on a weekly basis. Without taking sides in church politics, I feel for the folks having trouble dealing with this issue.

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