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I recently posted a recording of Ted Haggard explaining that he’d sinned. Others have seen the video, of course…and are talking it up all over the religious side of the interwebs.

One of the main conversation points seems to go like this: should Ted Haggard, who left his ministry amid allegations of homosexuality, drug abuse, and dishonesty, be allowed back into ministry?

I think such conversations are generally nonsense. When men and women call someone to ministry, they have the prerogative of suggesting that someone is, or is not, ready to serve. When God calls someone to ministry, what we think should make no difference.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m tough on leaders, and had to deal with this problem when my pastor faked his own death and ran away. My standards for leaders are very high, and if Ted came to me for advice I’d caution him strongly. Everyone should enjoy many counselors, including some who strenuously disagree…and Ted is no different. If he wonders whether returning to leadership at this time is wise, I’d love to sit down with him and talk about it. When HB London (one of his chosen counselors) suggests that a return to ministry might be premature, I’d listen.

The point is that, if God called Ted to ministry, then only God can lead him back at the perfect time (if at all). Our speculation means less than nothing when it comes to what’s RIGHT.

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