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Jesus’ life and death was prophesied in the Old Testament, written long before His birth. Here’s one example:

In Exodus 12:46 we see that the lamb eaten for a Passover meal was not to have its bones broken. This is echoed in Numbers 9:12 , with the additional restriction that none of the meal be left overnight. Exodus is dated prior to 1405 BC, considered the year of the death of its author, Moses.

Over 1400 years later, Jesus was crucified. He was called “The Lamb of God” for good reason: the Passover lamb was both a foreshadowing and a prophetic description of Jesus’ life and death. He was crucified by the Romans on the day of Preparation (the day before Passover). Typically, crucifixion victims took many hours or days to die, and were left on the cross until their bodies decayed. According to John 19 , the Jews didn’t want bodies on crosses during Passover. They asked the Romans to break the legs of the three men being crucified so that they would die more quickly and could then be taken down. In verse 33 John points out that Exodus 12:46 and Numbers 9:12 had been fulfilled. Jesus’ bones had not been broken and He wasn’t left on the cross for the next day.

To put it in perspective: 1400 years ago…
Mohammed started Islam
The Roman Forum was built
King Arthur is said to have reigned
The Middle Ages began
Arabic numbers were invented
The Library of Alexandria was destroyed
The heavy plow was invented
1400 years from now, it will be around 3400 AD.

A lot of time passed between the prophecy and its fulfillment around 33 AD. This is strong evidence that the Bible is divinely inspired and not the creation of men.

Take the time to read all of these verses online.

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