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Living a Life of Mission

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Missiology is the area of practical theology that investigates the mandate, message and work of the Christian missionary. There’s a lot of talk in today’s church about our “mission”, and about how it’s best accomplished. Unfortunately, much of the discussion centers around career missionaries rather than on the responsibility given to every follower of Christ.

All Christians are to be missionaries. Living “a life of mission” means doing the things God has called you to do…your “mission”. A “mission field” is simply where you accomplish that mission.

The New Testament teaches that Christians have more than one “mission”, and so have more than one “mission field”. We should share the good news with the lost, to be sure. We’re also taught that the elder believer should teach the younger believer. Christian leaders were taught to study, and were commended for doing so. Jesus instructed us to not only make disciples, but to continue our mission by teaching them everything He had said. We’re not only to go and bring them in, but to intentionally and specifically serve them when they arrive.

As we think about the mission of the church, it’s important to include both the Christians and the non-Christians in our planning. Including only the saved in our mission means that the lost will stay lost. Including only the lost in our “mission” means that our church will never mature…and so much of the lost will stay lost. We need both to complete the mission God has given us.

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