Isn’t God Good?

Is God real? Does God exist? Does God love me? How can I be saved? How can I go to Heaven?

Christians should agree that God IS good…but I wonder sometimes what some people think when they say it. You see, Christians usually utter such things after a prayer request has been answered in the way the pray-er wanted. That’s as good a time as any to say it, of course…but if we really believe that God is good, we should believe it when things aren’t looking so good. 

  • I’m broke…and God is good. 
  • I lost my job…and God is good. 
  • My child is sick…and God is good. 
  • My car won’t start…and God is good. 
  • I can’t find my glasses…and God is good. 
  • Someone stole my wallet…and God is good. 
  • We’re unable to have children…and God is good. 
  • The bill collectors won’t stop calling…and God is good. 
  • The politician I voted for lost the race…and God is good. 
  • My trainee at work is my new supervisor…and God is good. 
  • My health went bad, my family died, my wealth is gone…and God is good. 

That last one is from Job, in the Bible. He lost everything but his wife and his life, and didn’t know why…but he praised God anyway . Not because his life was in shambles, but because God is worthy of praise regardless. If God truly IS good, and if God truly DOES love us, then we can TRULY put our lives in His hands and trust Him completely…even when our prayers seem to go unanswered.