Is da Vinci’s Last Supper accurate?

Find pictures of the Last Supper. Is the DaVinci Code true? Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene?

Nope. Here are a few reasons why we know that Leonardo da Vinci’s painting doesn’t tell the same story we read in the Bible:

In the painting, it’s daytime. The Passover meal would have been eaten after sundown.

In the painting, there’s loaf of bread on the table. A loaf is made with yeast…and yeast was forbidden on Passover, as it represented sin. Some type of matzah bread would have been used.

It’s highly likely that they would have been drinking wine…but there’s no wine pitcher.

In the painting, the dinner is fish. Lamb would have been served.

In the painting, the men are in clothes from the Renaissance.

In the painting, none of the men are wearing a prayer shawl…traditionally, they would have all worn one, especially during Passover.

In the painting, the tablecloth looks like a prayer shawl…which would never have been used in this manner.

It’s highly likely that there would have been a washbasin on the table…but it’s not there.

In the painting, the men look like western Europeans…not at all like people from the Middle East.

In the painting, they’re sitting at a regular table…the style of Jesus’ day was to recline at a low table.

In the painting, they’re sitting in chairs…the style of Jesus’ day was to recline on pillows or to sit on very low benches.

In the painting, everyone is sitting upright…the style of Jesus’ day was to recline during a meal.

In the painting, the walls of the room are finished and look like marble…this is very unlikely.

In the painting, it’s daytime…so there are no lamps or candles. Since the Passover meal is eaten after sundown, they would be all over the place.

In the painting, a few of the men have no facial hair…in Jesus’ day, most men (if not all of them) would have had a beard.