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How would your church handle a protest? Opponents of Proposition 8, California’s recently-passed marriage amendment, just might show up at your door. It’s not just a California issue…here in Denver, a Book of Mormon was placed on the steps of their local temple and lit on fire. Omaha could be next.

Is your church prepared for aggressive confrontation? It seems to me that America is becoming more polarized than it used to be, and that Christianity is often considered part of the problem. Most of the time I agree, but it’s sometimes an unfair characterization.

Whether your local congregation has ever offended anyone or not, you may become a lightning-rod of controversy simply by existing. To many irreligious people, one Christian church is just like any other…so, in my opinion, you should be prepared. Someone in your church should already be a community liaison, and that person should not be the senior pastor.

Are you ready?

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