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It’s New Year’s Eve. It’s almost dinnertime, and I’m just now getting to today’s blog post. That’s okay. People will probably read this for years to come (like most of what’s on GodWords), and it’s not exactly time-sensitive material.

Sometimes, Christians can be dumb.

No, not YOU…those OTHER Christians. They say things like “Take Jesus with you into 2010”. What could be dumber than that? Yeah, I know…it’s like I’m all nitpicky about words. However: what we say is a pretty good indicator of what we mean.

The idea is that we should do our thing in 2010, and to not forget to bring Jesus along. Like the ubiquitous towel in A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Jesus is apparently one of those things you just can’t leave behind.

Again, a stupid idea.

How about turning it around? How about this: “Let God guide you in 2010”. What do you think about that? What could be wiser than that? If God knows what He’s doing, then we’re in pretty good hands by following His lead instead of doing our own thing.

Something to think about as you responsibly toast the New Year. Let me know how your celebration went by commenting below!

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