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Dogs and Cats in the Bible

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Are dogs and cats mentioned in the Bible?

The Hebrew word for dog (keleb) and the Greek word for dog (kyon) appear a number of times in the Bible:

40 times in the King James Version (KJV)
40 times in the New American Standard Bible (NASB),
and 41 times in the New International Version (NIV).

Cats are mentioned in the Bible exactly zero times, as are cheezburgers.

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2 responses to “Dogs and Cats in the Bible”

  1. Damion Sanders says:

    Hi, Tony. First time commentor long time reader. Actually not very long. In about two days in my spare time I have read every comment posted in your section regarding Christian Sabbath Observance. I must say I am blown away by the incredible wisdom that God has blessed you with and your ability to convey it so eloquently and in many cases ( when able to ) concisely. I find you to be an informative Champion Of TRUTH. I love how you deal with those who disagree with you And how even when presented with the same questions hundreds of times you manage to thoughtfully, tirelessly and respectfully present scripture supporting freedom from Law without lawlessness. I would love to know how you have become so knowledgeable but I’m sure being presented with the same questions hundreds of times will do that for you. I was laid here after I was stopped on the street with a friend of mine and our children. A fellow Christian “confronted” us on the Sunday worship and Sabbath keeping and invited me to come to her church. She seemed a bit aggressive. At any rate I had a small exchange with her but didn’t feel it was an appropriate moment especially being with someone less knowledgeable than myself and having been confronted only two or three times before on the subject , felt unprepared to have an exchange. Your website has put things in great perspective for me and your wisdom and dedication to the knowledge of Christ astounds and inspires me. Please keep fighting the good fight. I love how well and how lovingly you are upholding the battle.

    • Tony says:

      Wow, Damion…thank you for your kind words! You’re right: I’ve been at this for a while, and each interaction prepares me just a little bit more than the last. You know the old saying…if you tell the truth, you don’t have to have a great memory. It’s the same for these kinds of discussions. I just have to go back to Scripture again and again. I keep a file of information, too…when I need to find a verse about a topic, I might have saved it already. I recommend it for anyone who wants to talk about the Bible.

      Have a great day!

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