Critics: Jesus Was a Miracle Worker

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Gary Habermas is a New Testament scholar and theologian. One area of his expertise is in the historicity of Jesus, and His resurrection in particular. He may be best-known for his “Minimal Facts” approach, which outlines the agreement among religious and skeptical scholars regarding what we know about Jesus’ death and resurrection from a historical perspective.

This is a valuable approach when dealing with skeptics, as you might imagine. When some random internet dude tries to tell you there’s no evidence that Jesus even existed, you need to be prepared with at least some knowledge of the facts. Not only did Jesus actually exist – as atheist scholar Bart Ehrman points out – but skeptical scholars go even further. In this article from The Worldview Bulletin, Habermas explains that Jesus’ miracles and exorcisms are among the best-attested facts of His life.

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