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Bacteria Phages vs Morality

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The world can easily be divided into two groups: those who have their own websites, and those who don’t. Those of us who have our own websites know the joy and the pain brought on by “traffic stats”.

The most interesting parts, for me, are the ‘search strings’. Any good stats package will include a list of the things that people type to find your website. The process is simple: someone searches for a particular phrase, and they come to your website. Your web server adds what they searched for to a list of other search phrases.

The search phrase that caught my eye today was bacteria phages vs morality.

Odd, yes. Most would have no idea why anyone would search for such a phrase. It’s at the heart of a serious theological discussion. Fortunately for you, I’ve recorded a very funny version of this discussion here at GodWords. It’s a tad long, but worth the time.

Honus and PW duke it out in this classic article. It’s a real conversation, but the unreality of it all will blow your mind.

PW: As for…bacteria, they do recognize Him for Who HE IS. They would care about Him, one way or the other. In some sense.

Honus: Without brains? What about living creatures like viruses and phages? They’re little more than macromolecules. Are they plants, or animals? Do they too recognize God in some fashion? How? There’s nothing to them. (At least for the sake of this discussion.) When I drink a beer, does the yeast immediately go to be with the Father? Do angels sing when the soul of a hamster is redeemed?

Yes, it’s true: you should read Heaven is for Hamsters. Then you should post a comment. Really.

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