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A Wolf in the Sheep Pen

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Sheep aren’t the smartest kind of animal, and there’s a reason that Christians are often described as sheep. As a group, we’re pretty easy to manipulate.

For example, we’re often impressed by those with human credentials. There’s nothing wrong with having them, of course… but they’re not necessarily good indicators of character, of faithfulness, or of one’s grasp on the truth. We’re surrounded by false teachers, and a lot of them have those credentials.

What we lack is discernment. To discern is to notice… to see things clearly, and to be able to choose between things. Too many Christians are ignorant of what the Bible actually says, and they’re unable to spot a counterfeit, or a liar. The solution to bad teaching is good teaching, and there aren’t enough Christians who are able to tell the difference.

Bob Perry gives some advice on how to grow in discernment… how to spot a teacher who isn’t teaching well. When we’re able to spot the fakes, we’re also able to help others do the same.

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