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2012 Year-End Review

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It’s time for another wrap-up…hard to believe it’s been another year already!

In 2012, GodWords welcomed a couple hundred thousand visitors, serving around a million web pages to people in almost every country and region of the world. Not bad for a little old website. I’m hoping that 2013 will be even more fruitful. I try to take seriously the opportunity to help people on the web, as evidenced by the many emails I’ve replied to this year. Here are last year’s goals:

  1. More blog posts
  2. A fresh redesign
  3. A small but helpful reorganizing
  4. Less politics (I think)
  5. More basic information about God, the Bible, Christianity
  6. Basic information about other religions

#1, check. Not enough, but some. #2 is on the way…I’ve spent a lot of time working on mobile design principles, so GodWords will work well on any device. #3 will come with the redesign. #4, check. #5, a little…but more is coming. #6, nope. More should be on the way in 2013.

I sincerely appreciate all of you GodWords readers. I especially like getting emails from those who disagree with me, as they’re an opportunity to make sure I know what I’m talking about. Humility is a very beneficial character trait, and you keep me humble.

I welcome any input you’d like to share, like

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and join me on Facebook. I’m looking forward to an awesome 2013!

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