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Everyone has a worldview. Put simply, it’s how each of us sees the world. What we believe about everything is added to this view, and either matches or mismatches what we already believe. If we can understand another’s worldview, we have a head start on helping them see the truth of the gospel.

A worldview is a person's attempt to combine what they believe is true into a single narrative. There are a number of competing worldviews, but the most common pair in the western world is that of naturalism vs creationism. There are inherent flaws in naturalism that make it unworkable.

Virtually everyone agrees that human life has value. Christians believe that we are valuable because we are valued by God, and created in His image. If God doesn’t exist, we can’t show that we have value.

A worldview is simply the way we see the world: where we come from, why we're here, and so on. Jesus contrasted the Kingdom of God with the way the rest of the world works, and taught that they were very different systems. Alan Shlemon of Stand to Reason explains that witnessing to others may include not only sharing the gospel, but explaining the differences between worldviews.

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