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Articles about The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition is website by a group of Reformed evangelical churches committed to renewing renew the contemporary church in the ancient gospel of Christ.

What does it mean when Christians say that they "decree" something? When they "declare" something, what are they doing? I witness people who claim to follow Jesus saying these things, and I'm disheartened. Why?
God is "simple." That is, He is not a combination of things that already existed, like a cabinet is made of wood. Instead, He existed before anything else existed. Because of this, anything true of God comes not from His parts, because He has no parts. All things true about God are completely true of Him, in totality.
The Bible speaks of imitation: imitating Christ, imitating Paul as he imitates Christ, and - by implication - imitating the life and faith of those who have gone before us. Read about imitation, and the dangers to be avoided.

Church attendance is down because governments are restricting the size of public gatherings. COVID-19 is today’s pandemic, but the principles involved in whether churches obey or disobey such restrictions are timeless.

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