Articles about Parables

A parable is a short story used to teach a lesson. Parables use metaphors to draw an analogy…that is, they point to regular things to paint a picture that explains a more complex idea. From the Greek bole (throwing) and para (alongside). As a translation of the Hebrew mashal, a parable can also be considered a riddle.

Jesus used many parables…as much as one-third of His recorded words are this type of illustration, using everyday people and objects to explain spiritual reality.

How many parables did Jesus teach? What are they about? Where can I find them? Jesus taught many times using parables, which are simple, earthly stories that explain a more complex, spiritual truth.

A friend asked about the Parable of the Two Sons. This parable was given by Jesus, and recorded in Matthew 21:28-32. He was speaking to Jerusalem's chief priests and elders (v23). There was a man who had two sons.

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