Articles about Molinism

Molinism, named after Spanish theologian Luis de Molina, is a view held by many Christians about God’s actions in light of human free will. It’s a way of describing the interaction of God’s control over events and humanity’s freedom to make independent moral choices.

Molinism is a response to two other views…a ‘middle way’ between God’s sovereignty (seen by some as all-controlling) and man’s freedom (seen by some as fully independent of God’s control). It suggests that God knows not only everything that has already happened, and not only what will happen in the future, but everything that could possibly happen. Using this knowledge, God can see all possibilities and work to influence people and events to accomplish His will.

Calvinism is a system of Christian thought known for a specific view of the predestination of believers. Molinism is a lesser-known system with a different view. If you've ever wondered about soteriology - that is, the doctrine of salvation - this podcast might be helpful to you.

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