Articles about Marriage and Family

The Bible places marriage and family among its more prominent themes. God is described as Father, Jesus as Son, and the church as His Bride. Rather than choosing many individuals to bring His message to the world, God chose Abraham’s family. While Jesus’ teachings explain that one’s own faith and practice are more important than one’s lineage, marriage and family are used as examples and symbols throughout.

How does the Bible define marriage? What is marriage in God's eyes? Is it okay for people to have sex before they're married? These questions are not only important, but they're increasingly relevant as people, young and old, revisit their ideas about relationships.
We all want things we should not want. Each of us has to struggle with the decision either to indulge unhealthy desires or to obey God. However, not every struggle carries the same weight. Rachel Gilson's struggle was about relationships: oneness, love, sex, and romanceā€¦ and faithfulness.
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