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Articles about Jehovah’s Witnesses

Founded in the 1870s by Charles Taze Russell, the Jehovah’s Witnesses is cult of Christianity. It is governed by a group of elders who establish all doctrines and practices, and their legal arm is The Watch Tower Society. Among their distinctive teachings are that Jesus is the first created being, and not co-equal with the Father, the idea that the ‘end times’ are at hand, and that only 144,000 Witnesses will be in Heaven. Everybody else, they claim, will live on Earth in God’s restored kingdom. They reject the historical and traditional doctrines of the trinity and Hell, have their own translation of the Bible, and tend toward strict legalism. Those who fail to meet their standards are sometimes disfellowshipped, which cuts off any contact with JW friends and familiy.

Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Jesus was God's first creation, and not God Himself. This is rightly considered heresy, of course... but can you explain why they're wrong about the interpretation of John 1:1, where - they claim - Jesus is "a" god and not "the" God? Video, 5:30

Many skeptics of Christianity believe that Jesus never claimed to be God. Some claim that nobody believed He was God until long, long after His death. Others argue that Jesus' own words show that He believed Himself to be simply a man, or only the Son of God and not God Himself. Still others claim that Jesus' divinity was created by the apostle Paul, and that his teaching and Jesus' teaching are in conflict. From Jehovah's Witnesses to Muslims to atheists, a whole bunch of people deny that Jesus is God.

Founder: Charles Taze Russell. Born 1852 in Pittsburgh, PA. Founded: Approximately 1876. Also known as: originally "International Bible Students Association."

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