Articles about Irresistible Grace

This doctrine, usually associated with Calvinism, suggests that one’s salvation is accomplished independent of one’s own decision. In this construct, God decides who be saved…and, in His grace, saves them. This gracious act is considered by some to be irresistible. That is, that it cannot be resisted or undone.

While this doctrine has implications that are directly taken from the Bible, it’s not a settled issue. The idea that humanity is able to exercise free will in rejecting God also comes from Scripture.

There are two very important reasons for my not being a Calvinist. The first should be obvious: when someone asks a Christian what they believe, Jesus should be the first name on their lips. Not Calvin, Luther, Wesley, Zwingli, or anybody else.

First, the Bible does say that God wants everyone to be saved (1 Timothy 2:4). Second, every Christian I know would say that God is certainly sovereign. That's found throughout Scripture. So, why would I disagree with the author's conclusion? Simple: he assumes that God's sovereignty gives Him everything He wants. I'm not convinced.

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