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Most people are fascinated by questions about what happens after we die. The Bible speaks of two final destinations for all of humanity: Heaven or Hell. It also addresses an intermediate place called Paradise.

Of major concern to virtually all of humanity is the issue of what happens after we die. Throughout history, most have believed in a life after this life. These articles give us plenty to think about. We hope to encourage believers and entice seekers to consider their eternal destiny.

If you are not a Christian can you still go to heaven? And if you are Baptized will you go to heaven? Find out what Jesus said about this very important topic.
Do people end up in Hell because they're ignorant? It's easy to assume that those who refuse to be saved simply lack information. "If they had only understood," we say. "If only they had known." At first glance, these words feel compassionate, but they really expose an insufficient view of God.

This is a common question these days. Hell, at times, seems like an injustice. Wallace asks whether it is just for Adolph Hitler to suffer the same fate as his victims.

I don't know if you're asking for yourself, for a friend, or for some other reason... but it's an important question. This is going to be quite long. Hang in there. First, nobody goes to hell for what they WANT.

The doctrine of purgatory says that people suffer to pay for for their own sins. The Bible tells an entirely different story.

We have very little information about Paradise. We only find the word paradeisos in three passages in the Bible:

  • Luke 23:43, where Jesus tells the thief on the cross that he would Join Him in Paradise that day
  • 2 Corinthians 12:4, where Paul talks about a man who was 'caught up' into Paradise, or "the third Heaven."
  • Revelation 2:7, where Jesus writes to the church in Ephesus.

Bob wants to know why we humans believe that, after we die, we would be sent to a place based on what we did when we lived. He wants proof that Heaven and Hell exist.

Aaron asked: "I saw your comments regarding baptism and you said baptism is not necessary to get to heaven...but its Jesus' commandment for us to be baptised. If we don't, aren't we disobeying? Isn't disobedience a sin? How can we get to heaven without baptism?"

Sometimes, the messages I receive are intensely personal. While I try to be sensitive to those involved, I think that many private questions deserve to be published. I would never divulge anyone's identity in a touchy situation, but: if one person asks, chances are good that others struggle over the same issue.

Having a website is a big responsibility. Most of the time, most people don't think twice about it...after all: they wonder why anybody at all would read their website. If they're convinced that they're not being read, they don't have to think about what they write.

That's a good question. Most people are aware that there are different points of view on the question of whether baptism is required for salvation. Scripture, however, is abundantly clear. Baptism is NOT required for salvation.

There are two common misconceptions about hell. The first is that a loving God wouldn't let anyone go there, and the second is that God uses it to punish people. I think that both theories are actually attempts to diminish our view of God.

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