There is no truth

Is Intelligent Design true? is evolution wrong? How old is the earth?

“In any case, even the truth, when believed, is a lie.”

Warner Erhard, founder of Erhard Seminars Training (EST) and Landmark Forum

Some like to say that there is no absolute truth. It’s a fun mental exercise, but nobody – absolutely nobody – lives that way. How can I be sure? Try a little experiment: when someone tells you that there is no absolute truth, ask them, “Is that absolutely true?”.

A good definition of “truth” is “that which corresponds to reality.” That is, something that is true is something that really IS. If I tell you that I ate a unicorn sandwich for lunch today, that statement is either true or false. The reality is that I either did, or did not. For the record, I did not.

Many statements about truth can be invalidated by simply looking closely at them. Erhard’s quote can be invalidated by asking “is that true?” In this case, Erhard is asking you to believe that what he says is true, even while saying that those who believe it believe a lie. It’s nonsense. Anyone who suggests that truth doesn’t exist is asking you to not believe them when they say it.