Articles about Debates

When ideas collide, arguments ensue. When those who disagree want to take their disagreement public, and to compete with each other in front of an audience, a formal debate is held. This is a good way to quickly learn the finer points of each side of the disagreement.

Calvinism is a system of Christian thought known for a specific view of the predestination of believers. Molinism is a lesser-known system with a different view. If you've ever wondered about soteriology - that is, the doctrine of salvation - this podcast might be helpful to you.

In this video (1:27:35), Craig Evans and Bart Ehrman debate the reliability of the gospels. These are two very highly-regarded Biblical scholars. Bart Ehrman is a well-known author and Religious Studies professor, while Craig Evans is an author and Biblical Studies professor, as well as an authority on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Christopher and Peter Hitchens are brothers. One is an atheist, and the other is a Christian. Both are are insightful writers who are unafraid to express their points of view. These are the first two of 9,632 video clips of the debate. I'm joking, but only a little.

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