Islam vs Christianity

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It’s funny, but it’s not. This thought-provoking video helped put GodWords on the map a long time ago, but it went offline for some time. I’m reposting it here for all of my new visitors.

Unfortunately, I know a LOT of people who argue this way. I also know a lot of people who treat those of other faiths this way. That’s a shame. Now, I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t have strong beliefs…regular GodWords readers will recognize that I’m not at all wishy-washy in that area. I’m suggesting that people of all faiths should treat one another with respect, despite their differences.


Christianity FactSheet

Who is Jesus? Was Jesus a real person? Why did Jesus die? Is Jesus God?
Jesus (also known as Jesus Christ)
Born approximately 7 AD in Bethlehem, Judea
While it could be said that Christianity had no beginning, the Christian church as we know it began in the 1st century AD.
Founding Occasion:
The death and resurrection of Jesus
Current Leadership:
Every Christian is considered to be a leader, or a leader in training
Parent Religion:
Sacred Texts:
The Bible
Official Website:
Certain sects of Christianity claim to be “true” Christianity and that all others are false. Many of these groups have websites. There is no official web address for Christianity.