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The Five Points of Calvinism

The Synod of Dort formulated its Five Points of Calvinism, reaffirming the position put forth by French theologian John Calvin. These are sometimes set forth in the form of an acrostic on the word ‘TULIP’, as follows:

Total Depravity:

Man is totally unable to save himself on account of the Fall in the Garden of Eden being a TOTAL fall.

Unconditional Election:

If unable to save himself, then God must save.

Limited Atonement:

If God must save, then God must be free to save whom He will.

Irresistible Calling:

If God has decreed to save whom He will, then it is for those that Christ made atonement on the Cross.

Perseverance of the Saints:

If Christ died for them, then the Holy Spirit will effectually call them into that salvation. If salvation then from the beginning has been of God, the end will also be of God and the saints will persevere to eternal joy.

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