The Five Points of Arminianism

Free Will:

Man, although affected by the Fall, was not totally incapable of choosing spiritual good, and was able to exercise faith in God in order to receive the gospel and thus bring himself into possession of salvation.

Conditional Election:

God laid His hands upon those individuals who, He knew – or foresaw – would respond to the gospel. God elected those that He saw would want to be saved of their own free will.

Universal Redemption:

Christ died to save all men; but only in a POTENTIAL fashion. Christ’s death enabled God to pardon sinners, but only on condition that they believed.

The Work Of The Holy Spirit In Regeneration Limited By The Human Will:

The Holy Spirit, as He began to work to bring a person to Christ, could be effectually resisted and His purposes frustrated. He could not impart life unless the sinner was willing to have this life imparted.

Falling From Grace:

A saved man could fall finally from salvation. It is, of course, the logical and natural outcome of the system. If man must take the initiative in his salvation, he must retain responsibility for the final outcome.

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