Should Christians go to Landmark Forum?

Is Intelligent Design true? is evolution wrong? How old is the earth?

A GodWords reader asks:

Going to Landmark Forum if you are a Christian…is this a bad thing?


Well, Marlice…thanks for asking!

I’m a Christian, and I went to Landmark Forum. It’s not a bad thing to GO. What IS bad is to listen, and to learn, and to change your life based on their teachings.

Christianity and the teachings of Landmark Forum are not at all compatible! Landmark Forum says that nothing has any value at all, except that which we give it…so there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, no evil, and no sin. A Christian is a follower of Jesus, who taught the opposite. Certain things ARE right and wrong, and we should know the difference. Certain things ARE good and bad, and evil exists. In case you haven’t seen it, I wrote an article on GodWords about a visit to a Landmark meeting, and about my three-hour discussion with the leader afterward. You can read about my Landmark experience.

When someone says that there’s no such thing as sin, they put themselves in God’s place. It’s up to THEM to decide what to do. Christians are not free to do whatever we think is best. Instead, we’re to study Scripture, do what Jesus taught, and listen to the Holy Spirit who lives in us.

I was able to visit Landmark Forum without concern because

  1. I was already aware of much of their teachings,
  2. I’m a mature believer who’s already familiar with what the Bible teaches, and
  3. My goal was to help my friend…she’s been duped by Landmark Forum into believing what can’t possibly be true.

If all three of those are true of you, you can go to Landmark Forum without worry.

If all three are NOT true of you, I’d advise that you not go. Be aware that they are VERY good (as an organization, historically) at manipulation. A quick Google search will show you dozens (if not hundreds) of personal testimonials to the techniques they use. I’m immune to their teachings, but MOST CHRISTIANS ARE NOT. That doesn’t make me special…just more prepared. I’ve spent years studying movements like Landmark Forum, so I’m ready for whatever they might throw my way. If you consider yourself young in the faith at all, I would stay far away from any Landmark meeting.

I’m curious: has someone told you that the teachings of Landmark Forum and Christianity ARE compatible?