Why become a patron?

I’m pleased to provide an opportunity for GodWords readers to support my work. Here are a few frequently-asked questions:

Why are you asking for money?
That’s a good question! I’m not asking for money. I’m giving readers a way to support my work, if they wish to do so.
Is this how you make a living?
No. I run a web design company, which pays my bills. As I near retirement age, I see the need for income that’s not tied to running my business. I haven’t always been a web designer, and there may come a time when that’s no longer possible. I will always be a Christian, and a teacher…so it’s natural to expect that I will be running GodWords long after I retire. I would be very pleased to make a living doing what I love most, which is helping people learn to trust God.
Don’t you trust God to take care of you?
I do. Having a Patreon account isn’t a plea for help. It’s an opportunity for those who have benefited from my work to contribute to it, should they wish to do so. This is a biblical principle, of course.
How much should I give?
What you give, and to whom, is between you and God. Please consider the following:

  • If you have physical needs that aren’t being met, please do not give.
  • The New Testament has guidelines for giving, including to give cheerfully as you’ve determined in your heart to give. No gift is too large or too small. I only ask that you give as if you were carefully managing God’s money on His behalf.