Name changes in the Bible

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A lot of people in the Bible had their names changed, or went by more than one name. I appreciate your patience while I compile a comprehensive list of all of them. If you can think of people I’ve missed, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: This list is for name changes, or for people who went by different names. Variant spellings are too common to list, and are not included.

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Name changes in the Bible
Name Change To By Whom
Abram renamed Abraham God
Azariah renamed Abednego Ashpenaz
Barnabas also known as Joseph The Apostles
Barsabbas also known as Judas  
Ben-Oni also known as Benjamin his father Jacob
Boanerges also known as James and John Jesus
Cephas also known as Peter
Daniel renamed Belteshazzar Ashpenaz
Didymus also known as Thomas  
Edom also known as Esau
Eliakim renamed Jehoiakim Pharoah Neco
Esau also known as Edom
Esther also known as Hadassah Persian/Hebrew
Gideon renamed Jerub-Baal the men of Ophrah
Hadassah also known as Esther Hebrew/Persian
Hananiah renamed Shadrach Ashpenaz
Hoshea renamed Joshua Moses
Jacob renamed Israel God
James (Jesus’ disciple) nicknamed Boanerges Jesus
Jedediah also known as Solomon God
Jethro also known as Reuel
John (Jesus’ disciple) nicknamed Boanerges Jesus
John also known as Mark  
Joseph also known as Barnabas The Apostles
Joseph renamed Zaphenath-Paneah Pharoah
Joshua also known as Hoshea Moses
Judas also known as Barsabbas  
Levi also known as Matthew Hebrew/Greek
Lo-Ammi renamed Ammi God
Lo-Ruhamah renamed Ruhamah God
Mark also known as John  
Mattaniah renamed Zedekiah Nebuchadnezzar
Matthew also known as Levi Greek/Hebrew
Mishael renamed Meshach Ashpenaz
Naomi renamed Mara herself
Niger also known as Simeon
Pashhur called Terror on Every Side God
Paul also known as Saul Latin/Hebrew
Peter also known as Cephas
Reuel also known as Jethro
Sarai renamed Sarah God
Saul also known as Paul Hebrew/Latin
Silas also known as Silvanus
Silvanus also known as Silas
Simeon also known as Niger
Simon renamed Peter Jesus
Solomon also known as Jedediah God
“the woman” named Eve Adam
Thomas also known as Didymus  

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