Michael Sweet and Boston

Maybe you all knew about this. Maybe it’s such old news that nobody’s talking about it anymore. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock.

Why didn’t anybody tell me that Michael Sweet has hooked up with Boston?

Really…I’m a little peeved at you guys. Boston is the uber-awesome arena rock band known for such smash hits as More Than a Feeling and Hitch a Ride.

Michael Sweet is a founding member of the trailblazing Christian metal hair band Stryper, and a successful solo artist in his own right.

I don’t know how long the partnership will last, or exactly what’s planned…but here’s what the Boston website says:

Boston will be bringing…new recruits on tour this year. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Michael Sweet, veteran Stryper frontman will both sing and trade riffs with Gary and Tom on guitar.

Seems like very good news for fans everywhere. But you probably already knew that.