How many Bibles do you have?

Is the Bible true? Are Bible translations bad? What language is the Bible?

How many? 4? 5? I’m sure that I have at least a half-dozen in a box in the garage. Apparently, the average American Christian has 9 (nine) Bibles, and is on the lookout for another.

I rarely touch a paper Bible anymore. Because I spend so much time in front of my computer, I find it easier to use a digital version. There are plenty to choose from. I tend to use Bible Gateway because it’s quick and easy. I haven’t touched a concordance in years, since digital Bibles allow for comprehensive searches. I also use Blue Letter Bible for easy access to Greek and Hebrew.

What’s the point? Simple: if you’re an American, you probably don’t need (or even use) the Bibles you have…and someone somewhere needs a Bible but can’t find one. Hang on to the keepsake family Bible with great-grandma’s handwriting in it. Keep the Bible you use most. Give away the rest. I’m going to. Here’s how:

Send Bibles to people who need them

The Bare Your Bookshelf website has a handy a form. Filling out the form will get you – in the mail – all you need to give your Bibles to people who need them. You won’t be contacted by people in other countries…you’ll be sending them to Christian Resources International, who will distribute them on your behalf. You’ll have more room for those trendy new theology books, and the satisfaction of knowing that someone will have access to the Word of God that we sometimes take for granted.

If this isn’t your bag, you might consider a donation to either the International Bible Society or The Gideons, both of which are stellar organizations providing Bibles where they’re needed.