Biblical Archaeology

Skeptics of Christianity often claim that there’s no evidence that the Bible is true. That’s certainly true in some cases. An easy example is the account of Elijah being taken to Heaven alive, which can’t be proved historically. That doesn’t mean that it never happened…only that we have no way to verify it.

There are, however, lots and lots of things in the Bible that can be verified. We can show that many of the people and places were exactly as described in Scripture. The Bible gets the little things right as well. For example, only a person familiar with the topography of the region would be able to say that ‘Jesus went down to Capernaum.’ The elevation of Nazareth is 1145 feet (349 meters) above sea level, while Capernaum is at 686 feet (289 meters).

When an ancient document gets right the things that can be verified, it’s easier to believe that it also gets right the things that can’t. The study of biblical archaeology, while generally a secular pursuit, has always shown the Bible to be an accurate and reliable text.

Below is a list of archaeological evidence for people and places that show the Bible to be a set of documents that tell of true historical events. Some things can never be proved, but each new discovery leads us to trust the Bible.

Old Testament Discoveries

New Testament Discoveries